Interpreting services Interpreting services include several possibilities, each implying different skills and conditions according to the kind of service requires, either conference or liaison interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

An interpreter is working from the booth to provide the immediate translation of a speech directly into the chosen language. The public will receive headphones to listen to the translation.  

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter will use a special note-taking technique and will provide the translation once the speaker has delivered the whole or, if the text is long or complex, a significant part of the speech. 


If, during a conference, only one or very few people need interpreting services, the interpreter sits with them and "whisper" the translation directly to their hears and not from the booth.   

Liaison interpreting

An interpreter will assist you during business meetings with foreign partners.  

Interpreting at exhibitions

An interpreter is available at your stand to provide assistance duringthe venue you are taking part to.